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PL Thenappan Acquires Rights For Naveen’s ‘Alaudhinin Arputha Camera’

PL Thenappan of Shree Rajalakshmi Films has acquired the rights for Alaudhinin Arputha Camera, an upcoming film directed by Naveen M, starring him in the lead with Anandhi. Post-production work for the film is complete, and it is gearing up for a summer release.

Director Naveen became popular in 2013 with his first feature film Moodar Koodam, a black comedy-drama about a group of inexperienced thieves. The film, made on a small budget, turned out to be a huge hit at the box office. The director then wrote Kolanji, which has been temporarily shelved due to various reasons.

Speaking to Silverscreen, he says that Alaudhinin Arputha Camera is very different from Moodar Koodam. “There are obvious, intentional differences. Moodar was filmed inside a room, it was static, but this one is fast and it happens outside.” Without revealing much about the story, he says, “The title itself says it all. Just like the popular character Alaudhin got arpudha vilakku, Alaudhin in the film gets an arpudha camera. It is a fantasy film, but what kind of fantasy is the question. Is it the kind of film that director Vittalacharya made, or is it a sci-fi film?”

“I wouldn’t classify it under any genre, and didn’t have it in mind while writing the film either. But fantasy, adventure, thriller, black comedy… it’s all there in the movie,” he added. The film was shot in various parts of Europe – in Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukrain, Dalmatian coast. “The story is also about characters who come from different places – gangsters, drug dealers and others connect in Europe, and there’s a fantasy element in the story which needed a new colour.”


The trailer for the movie released in February this year. It follows the action-packed life of a man with a camera, named Alaudhin, and his encounters with hitmen and Anandhi’s pickpocket in various touristy spots in Europe. The director said, “Anandhi travels with Alauddhin in the film. If I reveal anything more it’ll be a spoiler, and I know all directors say this, but she has a very different role in the film. It’s the first time she’s playing such a part, she’s a wonderful performer.”

The film has music composed by Natarajan Sankaran, with lyrics by Yugabharathi. Cinematography is by KA Batcha, editing is by Kripakaran, art direction is by Senthil Raghavan. Vijay Anthony sang the film’s promo song which released in March. The film might release in the first week of May.

Watch the trailer here: