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Politician Priya Rajeshwari Seeks Action Against Amala Paul-Starrer ‘Aadai’

Former Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) member Priya Rajeshwari has has sought a ban on all promotional material of director Rathna Kumar’s Aadai saying they are vulgar and promote crimes against women, and has condemned Amala Paul for seeking attention and money with the film.


Priya Rajeshwari, who quit PMK during the parliamentary elections this year to form her own party, has approached the DGP seeking action against the filmmakers.

She alleged that the teasers have angered women across Tamil Nadu, and Amala Paul is an outsider with no knowledge about Tamil culture and was seeking attention with the scenes featuring her nude. Speaking to the media outside DGP office, she said, “The DGP has welcomed our complaint and promised to act on it immediately. He has assured that all vulgar promotional materials will be removed from public places, TV advertisements and other media platforms.”

The posters feature Amala Paul covered in a toilet paper roll, and the teaser has her waking up nude in an empty office after some traumatic situation. Priya said that since the censor board has cleared the film with an ‘A’ certificate, she cannot stop the film’s release. However, she levied a series of accusations at Amala Paul claiming she was ill-cultured to play such a role and asked women to not watch the film and be influenced by her.

“She is doing this to gain attention and expose her body for the world to see. She has a following even among school students since she has done good roles in the past. But now she is willing to go to any extent for attention and money, and has no concern for the society. With rapes and sexual assaults increasing among children and women, do we need films like these? Children are hooked to vulgar and uncensored videos on Tik-Tok, YouTube, and shows like Bigg Boss. These are turning them into criminals.”


She further condemned Amala Paul for the interviews where she said she trusted the crew and felt secure about doing the nude scenes, and said, “Stop giving interviews. We don’t want to hear about how you are like Draupadi, or any other reference to history or culture which you know nothing about.”

She also said if more people came together, they could stop the film from releasing, and asked young women not to be “influenced” by the movie.

Amala has been facing a lot of flak since the release of the teaser, which has close to 10 million views on YouTube. However, many have also come out in her support for portraying a bold woman in the promos. The film stars Bijili Ramesh, Vivek Prasanna and Sarithran in important roles. Cinematography is by Vijay Karthik Kanna, editing by Shafique Mohammed Ali, and production by V Studios.

The film releases tomorrow.

Watch the trailer here: