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Prakash Raj Launches An ‘Interaction Yatra’ As Part Of His #JustAsking Movement

Prakash Raj in Un Samayal Arayil Movie Stills

Prakash Raj on February 14 launched an interaction yatra taking his #JustAsking movement to different places across Karnataka. Taking to Twitter, the actor urged the public to question the government without any fear and join his movement to reclaim freedom of speech and dissent.

The yatra will start from Bengaluru, and go to Hospet, Hagaribommanahalli, Alyal, and Kottur starting February 15.


After the death of senior journalist and friend Gauri Lankesh, the actor has been more vocal about his ideologies and political stand, calling out politicians without flinching. A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Parivartana Yatra held in Bengaluru a few weeks back, the actor questioned the speech and promises made by the Prime Minister.

He tweeted that promising things wouldn’t bring smiles on the face of the farmers and the unemployed youths of the country.

Last month, speaking at the India Today South conclave in Hyderabad, Prakash Raj said he was not anti-Hindu as alleged by many but only anti-Modi. He was referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and BJP leader and Union minister Anant Kumar Hegde. He said he doesn’t believe people who defend the killers of Gauri Lankesh.

“I am anti-(Narendra) Modi, I am anti-Hegde, I am anti-Amit Shah. According to me, they are not Hindus. Mr Anant Kumar Hegde, who says he wants to wipe out an ‘ism’, a religion from the face of this Earth, cannot be a Hindu. The person who supports killing, cannot be a Hindu,” he said.