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Prasoon Joshi As CBFC Chief: “My Role Is Not To Micromanage”

Prasoon, CBFC, Shyam Benegal

The new Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chief, Prasoon Joshi, have been talking about bringing in positive changes in the CBFC for sometime now.

In a recent interview to The Indian Express, Joshi talked about his role and the changes that he would be making in the board. He said, “Let’s not discredit the CBFC. The body and its officials work hard to fulfill their part of the work. The scope to do better is there in all spheres of all industries. As far as I can see, my role is not to micromanage but that of guiding sensibilities — to be more of a sensor according to changing times as well as not lose moorings in the velocity of change. Striking a fine balance is always a challenge worth attempting.”


While the demand for CBFC to function as a certification body and not as a ‘censor board’ has been growing within the film industry. He said, “There are views that content should be certified only and the audience should decide what is good and bad for them. I can understand that. But we can ensure that those not in an empowered state to decide are kept in mind. Say for example, children and some other vulnerable ends of our society. I believe in the power of informed choice. And for that to come into play it’s important that there are no gaps in audience awareness and information given to them about the kind of content being presented. Accountability and responsibility should be from all ends if we have to progress as a society.”