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Kaala To Release On June 7: Rajinikanth Is Back As The Messiah Of The Subalterns

Dhanush who is producing Kaala announced that the film will be releasing on June 7.

For every Rajinikanth movie, his ardent fans expect to get floored every time he appears on the screen and from Kaala, they have the same skyrocketing expectations. Director Pa. Ranjith who has worked with the superstar in Kabali is aware that in a Rajinikanth movie, he has to play to the galleries.

The teaser is slick, has plenty of style and a pulsating background music that is sure to generate excitement. From the teaser, it is quite clear that black represents justice and freedom and the voice of the subalterns while white is the colour of privilege.


The teaser starts with Nana Patekar’s character wearing all white and sitting on a throne-like chair asking what kind of a name is Kaala? The frame cuts to Rajinikanth, dressed in black. He says with panache, “Kaala means black. The god of death. The one who fights to protect.” Following this, the Superstar is mouthing powerful dialogues amid highly crafted action sequences. The highlight of the teaser is its music, composed by Santhosh Narayanan.

The film is set in a Mumbai slum where Rajini’s character Kaala is the supreme leader. The teaser also features Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi and Eswari Rao.

Kaala is almost similar to Kabali in its tone, theme and making. The duo’s previous venture was a huge commercial and critical success. The film releases on April 27.

The common man’s Baasha recently announced that he will be joining politics and Kaala will only help in building the saviour-of-the-subalterns image.

Here’s the teaser: