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Raju Murugan On Portrayal Of LGBT Characters On-Screen: “It’s High Time We Changed Things!”

Raju Murugan has said that Tamil cinema must change the way LGBT characters are portrayed on-screen. Speaking at the launch event of Vaanam Thaandi, Murugan said that if Tamil filmmakers persist in making such stereotypical portrayals, they might be rejected by the audience.

Speaking to Silverscreen, Murugan said:


“Gone are the days when we used to look down upon transgender and others from the community. They have worked hard to carve out spaces for themselves in our country, and it is high time that we addressed this change on-screen. Instead of showing people the dignified lives these people lead, Tamil films still choose to show them in a degrading manner. This has to stop!”

Murugan explained that the audience are intelligent enough to reject such acts of discrimination.

“Audiences now are not as they used to be before. They’re intelligent enough to avoid and denounce discriminatory acts. So, as filmmakers, we have to take note.”

Murugan’s last release was the social drama Joker.