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‘Ratchchasan’ Press Meet Report: In Praise Of The Villains Of The Film

Raatsasan Press Meet Photos

“Today is Deepavali for me,” said an emotional Saravanan at the press meet of Ratchchasan yesterday, while thanking the makers who chose him for the role of Christopher – the serial killer in the movie.


“This event is going to be a different one,” said Vishnu Vishal, the protagonist of the movie. For the first time ever perhaps, the makers of the film decided to felicitate the villains after acknowledging the role played by them in its success. At the event titled ‘Meet the Real Ratchchasans of Ratchchasan’, Vishnu Vishal said that the film’s victory was the result of a collective effort.

Echoing the sentiments of Vishnu, director Ram Kumar while introducing the actors who played the four antagonists in the movie, said: “The villains make the movie what it is.”

Dilli Babu, the producer of the movie, said that he was ‘seeing’ Saravanan for the first time now, and spoke about the layers of makeup that went into achieving the look of the actor. The make-up which would take four hours to apply would last only for another four hours after.

Saravanan’s effort to prepare for the role was lauded by everyone present at the event. However, it was not just Saravanan who had to resort to physical transformations. Yasser, who played Saravanan’s younger self in the movie, had to lose close to 15 kilos within the span of a month, according to the director.


Saravanan, the star of the evening, also took time out to thank the guy who used to serve him juice during the shoot as the make-up prevented him from having solid food.

Crediting the movie and its makers for providing him with the opportunity to stand on the stage, he said that the people who were previously ignorant of the existence of certain theatres in their locality, were finally taking note of them, courtesy the crowd the movie attracted. This, according to him, marked the success of the movie.