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Saamy Square Second Trailer: Of Much Bellowing And A Procession Of Cars

No shlokas this time around for Aarusamy. But, the number game is still strong in the second trailer for Saamy Square. For every saamy that is uttered…rather, bellowed onscreen, Hari gives us scenes to help us identify the plot.


So, for Orusaamy, we see a cavalcade of cars rushing towards its destination.

For Rendusaamy, we get a shot of a helicopter landing on a mountaintop. And then, for good measure, we also see an aeroplane landing. Where? We don’t know.

For Moonusaamy, we get a close-up shot of his shoes, as they thunder off to some place. Presumably just seconds away from landing on some poor stunt assistant’s face.

Naalusamy is an unknown woman casting her dice. Probably deciding the fate of the film. Is it a hit? Does it miss? We don’t know as well.

Anjusaamy is a silhouette of the man himself. Framed against a police station in Aayakudi.

And for Aarusamy, we get Vikram. Rage has contorted his face, and this is something that generally tends to happen to Hari’s heroes.


To add a bit of lightness to the proceedings, Hari introduces Keerthy Suresh as one of the  ‘modern girl types’. We know this because she is the enlightened sort who knows that one does not need a passport to go to Tirunelveli. And, also because she can speak lines such as  ‘Naan naalu pera love pannuven’ (I will love four people) without having to hide her face behind her dhavani. 

There’s also a blink-and-miss shot of Aishwarya Rajesh, who steps into Trisha Krishnan’s role (Bhuvana) in the original.

This movie took off around the same time as Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Dhruva Natchathiram, and so we see traces of Vikram’s look in that film as well.

Devi Sri Prasad gives Hari what he wants the most – a thundering background score that would probably make those Innovas (that Hari just cannot live without) move on their own. No stunt drivers necessary.

Meanwhile, we hear and see a little bit of  the Pudhu Metro Rail song in the trailer. Also, there’s that Swacch Bharat reference.

Cut to Bobby Simhaa in his best impression of a Hari villain.

There are tight close-ups aplenty in this trailer. In case you failed to establish the connection between the villain of the first film and that of the second, fret not, for there is a tight close-up of the dead villain from the first film in the home of the second. Such Easter eggs are what endears one to the ouvre of Hari.

In an effort to spice things up a bit, the Telugu version of the trailer (that was released a day ahead of the Tamil version) has Vikram reciting the Dasavatharam. He stops at Parasurama avataram. Because, Vikram is the warrior saint who has been brought to this earth to cleanse it of all evil.

And once he’s done, there’s no telling which avatar he would pick next.