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Hindi Medium Actress Saba Qamar Opens Up About The Humiliation She Faces At International Airports

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar, who starred in Hindi Medium with Irrfan Khan, recently opened up about being racially profiled at international airports. The video which has since gone viral has the actress tearfully narrate an instance of being held back owing to her Pakistani identity.

“We say things like Pakistan zindabad, Pakistan this, Pakistan that. But when we go abroad, and the way we are checked… I can’t tell you! I feel so humiliated when they take off things one by one. When I had gone to Tbilisi for a shoot, all the Indians in the crew were allowed but I was made to stay. They did a full investigation, interviewed me, and only then was I allowed to go. That day I realised, is this what we look like to others? Is this how we stand in the world?” she says in the video.