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Salman Khan Expected Minus Three From Critics For ‘Tubelight’, Happy With Plus One

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s latest movie, Tubelight, released on Friday and has been panned by film critics all over. The actor responded by saying that ratings do not matter much to him and that he was surprised at any positive reception.

According to an Indian Express report, the Sultan actor said at an event, “The critics were like really good. I was expecting minus 3 and minus 4 and they gave me 1 and 2, apparently. So, I am very pleased with that.”


He also talked about fans not being able to handle seeing him cry on screen. “Reports are (about the film) ‘Bhai ko rote hue nahi dekh sakte (We can’t see bhai crying)’. So I, asked them, ‘Rote hue dekhke has rahein hain (Are they laughing while seeing me cry)’? They said, ‘Nahi. Ro rahein hain (No. They are crying).’ So, I said then don’t worry about it,” he said. 

When asked if the negative reviews or the box-office performance would affect him, Khan said, “Do I look like I am bothered? I am not bothered. I am sure it’s going to do okay and will get us a lot of respect.”

Tubelight also stars Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu, Matin Rey Thangu, and late actor Om Puri in pivotal roles. The movie has been directed by Kabir Khan and is bankrolled by Salman Khan himself.