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Sandakozhi 2: The Second Trailer Turns Focus On Keerthy Suresh, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar

The second trailer for Sandakozhi 2 focuses on the women in the film – Keerthy Suresh and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, who plays the antagonist, get to brandish their swords and knives in scenes and imagery usually reserved for the Tamil film hero. Keerthy, in particular, takes great pleasure in telling someone off screen – “I will marry you. I will keep him” (Unnai kattikkiren, avana vechikkiren).


However, the trailer is not fully devoted to the actions of the women. The Sandakozhi of the piece needs some screen time as well. And so, Vishal rises up to the task and does what he does the best. He beats up the bad guys, and when necessary, fools airport security officials (presumably on the lookout for him) by drawing the hood of his sweatshirt over his head.

Otherwise, Sandakozhi 2‘s second trailer features more of the same. There’s a thiruvizha, some bloodshed, fiery dialogues by Varalakshmi’s character who says that the arivaal is not for men alone. Plenty of jeeps topple, though one suspects that true novelty may well be found in Keerthy ‘s attempts to take a selfie while riding a scooter.


Slated to release next month, Sandakozhi 2 follows on the heels of many Tamil films that are taking the audience back to their roots. Kadaikutty Singam found success with its glorification of familial love and farming, the two holy pillars of Tamil cinema. Sivakarthikeyan’s Seema Raja attempted to do more of the same, but was not as successful. It remains to be seen whether Sandakozhi 2 can match up. It speaks of violence and the pride of one’s vamsam at a time when liberal voices seek to reclaim the cinematic space for more realistic descriptions of Tamil life onscreen.

But Lingusamy seems more determined than ever. He has a female villain. He has roped in Yuvan Shankar Raja for the music. He has Keerthy Suresh doing a wheelie.

And, Tamil cinema’s strict disciplinarian – Raj Kiran, is back to teach them bad guys a lesson.

Watch the trailer here: