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Sarah Harris and L Ramachandran Launch New Campaign for

New Zealand supermodel Sarah Louise Harris and acclaimed fashion photographer L Ramachandran were in Chennai on Monday, and the duo met the media to talk about their photo-shoot campaign for, a website for lingerie shopping.

L Ramachandran, the first Indian photographer to work for Playboy magazine, has shot many covers for the South African, German editions of the magazine. When asked about his choice profession, Ramachandran said, “It depends on perception. Some may consider it as art, some may think it is vulgar”. He added that he regarded Payboy magazine, the models and his photography as a form of art.

Sarah Harris, who is on her first trip to India, opened up about what she felt about the Indian culture which considers nudity as taboo. “Every single one of us in this room was born naked, right? We discover ourselves with clothes. To me, nudity is art and personally, I don’t understand why people have an issue with it. Moreover it’s not like different countries have an issue with it, some of my own family don’t quite approve of it.”


The press hurled clichéd questions like ‘would you like to act in Tamil movies?’ at her. “I have never watched an Indian film but I might be open to acting in a film” she said. One journalist even suggested that she would look better if she wore saree. Maroon ones in particular.

Talking to Silverscreen, the duo said that the campaign they are working on is completely different from other lingerie campaigns and that it will be launched sometime next month.