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Saravanan Evicted From ‘Bigg Boss 3’ For Comment On Groping

Actor Saravanan has been evicted from Bigg Boss 3 for his comment on groping women on buses. The channel Vijay TV, who has been facing backlash for airing the show, announced the eviction yesterday, saying this was their way of dissenting against such comments on women.


In yesterday’s episode, the narrator said their decision came a week after Saravanan’s comment because the channel did not have the time to discuss it immediately. Even though Saravanan apologised the next day, they decided to not let go of it easily, and evicted him as a way of their dissent against insensitive comments on sexual harassment.

The issue began a week before, when the show’s host, actor Kamal Haasan spoke about the allegation of manhandling made by actress Meera Mitun against director Cheran. He took the example of people rushing into a crowded bus and said that accidental shoves happen all the time, but there was a section of men who got into buses only to grope women. Saravanan interrupted him and joked that he too had done it. To this, the audience was seen cheering, and Kamal Haasan made a sarcastic remark before the discussion changed.


There was a huge backlash to Saravanan’s comment, with many asking him to apologise, and condemning the channel for airing the show. Singer Chinmayi asked why Meera Mitun’s allegation was not taken up by the channel’s Internal Complaints Committee, and was instead discussed by the contestants. The next day, Saravanan apologised for his comment, saying that it was edited and that he had asked youngsters not to behave the way he did.

Saravanan’s controversies has been among the top Twitter trends since this incident. Last week, the Bigg Boss house saw a tiff when Saravanan lashed out at Cheran during a task. Following this, director Vasathabalan wrote an open letter to Cheran asking him to gracefully exit the show.

Image Courtesy: News 18