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Clamour Grows For Shah Rukh Khan To Speak In Support Of His Alma Mater, Jamia Milia Islamia University


Last evening students of Jamia Milia Islamia University in Delhi were subject to police brutality as they set out to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Protests have erupted across the country against both CAA, as well as the threat of a nationwide NRC (like the one being done in Assam), from the Home Minister, Amit Shah. People across India have expressed concern about NRC and CAA as a deadly combination that might specifically affect India’s primary minority community. In Assam, the protest is in fact about the violation of the Assam Accord by the CAA. And the fear that Assamese identity will be threatened if several lakh Hindus who have currently not made the NRC list are declared citizens. Two different angles, but the protests continue across the nation, especially in campuses.

Students of JMI took to the streets yesterday. They’ve since said that others who were also protesting from the neighbourhood fomented trouble. The result? Police action, including tear gassing the library and the campus of JMI. Students, men and women, have been assaulted and several admitted to hospitals for treatment.

In this backdrop, several voices in social media called upon the Khans of Bollywood to speak for the students. In particular, Shah Rukh Khan, whose alma mater JMI is. Incidentally, JMI is the alma mater of several journalists and members of the media.

Watch, SRK on his alma mater in an interview to NDTV: