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Shankar’s Assistant Murali Manohar Alleges He Hasn’t Been Paid For His Work In 2.0


Two years on, Murali Manohar is still facing payment issues. The assistant director hit the spotlight in 2014 when he alleged that he had not been paid for the work he did on Shankar’s I.

The situation, however, is still the same. After months of hard work on Shankar’s latest 2.0, the assistant director alleges yet again that he has not been paid his salary for the past month.

Through an emotional social media post, Murali said that despite repeated requests, the film’s producers – Lyca Productions, was yet to pay him for his service.

Murali says that he has been in-charge of the dubbing of the movie since December 2016. His wife is pregnant and his young son is battling some health issues. “I explained my personal situation to the producers many times, but to no avail,” he wrote.

A spokesperson for the film and its producers had nothing to say regarding Murali’s accusations.