Song of The Day: Yaaro Ivan

Song: Yaaro Ivan from Udhayam NH4


The Artists:

Singers – Saindhavi, GV Prakash Kumar

Composer – GV Prakash Kumar

Lyricist – Na Muthukumar

Starring – Siddharth, Ashrita Shetty

The Setting: A couple of good-looking college students want to date each other, though neither will admit it. They do the usual dating routine – fancy coffee, wandering aimlessly in shopping malls, and bike rides.

The Film: In Udhayam NH 4, a 30-something Siddharth gets to pretend to be a college student after a long, long time. The Tamil audience, by now used to training a blind eye to these things, bought into the act. Directed by Manimaran, the film turned your usual campus love story into a kidnapping drama.


The screenplay was written by director Vetrimaaran before he filmed Polladhavan. The director was assisting Balu Mahendra for Adhu Ori Kana Kaalam which starred Dhanush, and approached the actor for the lead role. They shot the film that was then titled Desiya Nedunchaalai, and Harris Jayaraj had been signed to compose the music. But Dhanush decided to move on to other projects, and the film was shelved.

Years later, Vetrimaaran gave the task of directing the film to his then assistant Manimaaran. Once Dhayanidhi Alagiri stepped in, the project took off.

The Song: Yaaro Ivan has this captivating melody at its core, sung to perfection by Saindhavi and GV Prakash Kumar. It’s light, airy and all things effervescent – apt for a song that is about the first stirrings of love. The male lead is an enigma for most of the film, and this is reflected in the song’s lyrics by Na Muthukumar. ‘Yaaro Ivan Yaaro Ivan’ (who is he?) sings Saindhavi, as the heroine wonders about the man she loves. There’s no real answer to her questions. All we get is:

Un Kaathalil Karaigindravan (I’m the one who melts with your love)
Un Paarvayil Uraigindravan (I’m the one who freezes at your gaze)
Un Paathayil Nizhalagavae Varugindravan (I’m the one who will always shadow you)

With very little string accompaniment, the song is a breezy listen and a showcase for the duet machine that is the GV Prakash Kumar–Saindhavi pairing.