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Sriya Reddy: “We Can Be Successful Even After Marriage”


Sriya Reddy is well remembered for her performances in Thimiru (2006) and the National award winning Kanchivaram (2008). The 33-year-old actress is known to speak her mind and does not shy away from films that are different from your run-of-the-mill potboilers. In an interview with The New Indian Express, she spoke about not being a people-pleaser and more.

The Veyil actress spoke about getting married and what follows to an actress post marriage. “When you get married, you are invisible. It’s a problem we face in general. Who said we look ‘less glamorous’ and won’t draw audiences? Directors should come up with tailor-made roles for us. We can be succsessful (here) even after marriage and having kids.” She is married to Tamil film producer, Vikram Krishna, the elder brother of actor Vishal Krishna. The couple have been producing films together under GK Films Corporation. 

Sriya Reddy was last seen in the Prakash Raj starer, Sila Samayangalil (2016). On asked on why she stayed away from the silver screen for so long, she replied she was waiting for quality scripts to come her way. The actress teamed up for a second time with her Kanchivaram co-star Prakash Raj. On asked about working with director Priyadarshan for a second time, she said, “I was happy to work with Priyadarshan again. I always ask him to write a role for me in his films,” she quipped. 

Her next would be Andaava Kanom and she speaks about playing Shanthi a village girl in the movie. The character is said to be attached to an Andaa (vessel) and what happens next after the vessel goes missing forms the crux of the story. The film promises to deliver a message apart from being a laugh riot. 

The actress is a self-confessed fitness freak and says she feels cranky if she doesn’t get to exercise. “I have been working out since I was 12. I don’t talk to  anyone until my workout sessions are over. Keeping fit is absolutely important,” she said. 


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