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SS Rajamouli Distances Himself From Sathyaraj’s Comments

Following protests against Baahubali 2 in Karnataka, SS Rajamouli took to his social media account to ‘clarify things’. Addressing the audience in Kannada, Rajamouli said that the film’s cast and crew do not endorse Sathyaraj’s comments.

Earlier, Pro-Kannada activist Vattal Nagaraj, had asked for a bandh in Karnataka on the day of Baahubali 2’s release. Nagaraj and other pro-Kannada groups were irked by the anti-Kannadiga comments made by Sathyaraj nine years ago.

The director said:

“Sathyaraj made the comments nine years ago. Since then, many of his films have released in Karnataka. Baahubali – 1 has also released. Sathyaraj is not the main lead of this film. He is one among the actors who is a part of Baahubali 2. He is not going to suffer any loss due to your boycott. The thousands of people who worked day and night on this film will. It is unfair that they should be penalised for Sathyaraj’s actions. I called Sathyaraj and informed him of the situation. Beyond this, I cannot take any remedial action. Our team has been pulled into this issue when we really have nothing to do with it. We request you to offer us your full support, as we don’t have anything to do with what Sathyaraj said.”

This comes at a time when filmmaker Karan Johar, who is also the executive producer of Baahubali 2, revealed that he felt spineless after caving in to the pressure from MNS, and apologizing for using Pakistani actors in his Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.