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Sterlite Protest: Rajinikanth Urges Govt To Follow Late CM Jayalalithaa

Actor Rajinikanth, who visited the victims in Thoothukudi said that anti-social elements led to all the violence during the Sterlite protest, which in turn led to 13 people losing their lives in police firing.

Talking to the reporters, he also demanded action against the policemen for opening fire on the protesters. However, at the same time, he also mentioned that the police must identify through CCTV footage, the people who hit the policemen and take legal action against them.


Rajinikanth added that there was no violence or blood-shed in the first 99 days of the protest. It was a silent one. Only after anti-social elements infiltrated into the agitation, did things go haywire. Furthermore, the Superstar also mentioned that anti-social elements have become active in the recent times and praised late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for keeping it under control during her tenure. He also insisted that the present government must follow her theory in order to curb such incidents in future.

On behalf of Rajini Mandram, it was also announced that ₹2 lakh each would be given to the families of the police firing victims and ₹10,000 to the injured.

However, we also hear that repeated questions from the media triggered irritation and anger, leading to the Superstar losing his cool. Take a look at the video: