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STR: Release Students Or Arrest Me

Actor STR, in an emotionally charged press meet last week, called for the release of students arrested during the Marina Protest in Chennai. In conversation with the media, STR, who’s long been a proponent of the student-based protest against PETA said:

“What happened in Marina? Everybody who protested there were doing so in a peaceful manner. So, what was the purpose behind inciting riots and then arresting these poor students? If the Police had allowed me to protest along with them, then even I would have been arrested! If the Police are arresting protestors, then a lot of people are there who must be arrested. Why did the Police see the need to lathi charge these protestors – young men and women, who were fighting for a good cause? What was the need?”


He also asked the Police authorities to release all the students who were arrested during the protests. He said, “Release the students. If they don’t release them, then I will protest in a non-violent manner. I will practise ahimsa, and will make sure that the students get released somehow. If they want, they can arrest me in their place!”

The Jallikattu protests took a turn for the worse last week, when Police tried to disperse the crowds. Allegations of police brutality have been in circulation since then. Meanwhile, the ban on Jallikattu has been lifted.