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Suriya accused of using Jallikattu issue to promote Si 3

Suriya has been accused of using the Jallikattu issue to promote his upcoming film Si 3.  Earlier this week, Suriya released a statement in which he claimed that PETA had been defeated in the people’s court.   “The truth is always a part of people’s movement. Even as PETA won the case in the court of law, for claiming that Jallikattu, that has been in practice for centuries altogether, that have lost their identity amongst all Tamilians. People who want the extinction of our indigenous bulls are claiming that bulls are being hurt because of Jallikattu.”

Now, PETA has slammed Suriya’s remarks and has said that they were in “extremely poor taste.”

According to a report in The Indian Express:

“Tamil actor Suriya Sivakumar was reported to have come out in favour of Jallikattu. PETA India notes that Suriya and several other stars are very late to the issue.”

The actor has not commented on the issue thus far.