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Suriya Writes Anguished Post On Current Education System; Calls For Reform

Actor Suriya, in a lengthy note, expressed his concerns about the chaos that the NEET entrance exams have created in the state.

Suriya, who is also the founder of Agaram Foundaton, wrote for The Hindu Tamizh. “We have been helping educate children from remote rural areas via our education trust. I have met many enthusiastic students from a very poor background. I have seen kids of parents who wouldn’t have money for bus fares. We choose children whose parents earn below Rs 2,000 per month. These children study in schools that don’t even have qualified teachers or basic facilities. Despite all odds, many children have scored excellent marks in their public examinations. From the experience of handling Agaram foundation, I can understand why these kids will not be able to take up NEET entrance exams.”


“NEET is not our only issue when it comes to the education system. There are so many Anithas in this country that we do not know about. Anitha’s loss is irreplaceable and to add meaning to her loss, we have to find a solution for all the flaws with our education system. One system for the poor, and one for rich, but the same entrance test for all – we cannot take this any longer.  Next election, we have to vote for people who promise us a better education system as it concerns the future of many children in this country.”