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TFPC Controversy: Vishal Arrested

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Actor Vishal was reportedly arrested earlier today when he attempted to enter the premises of Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council. A group of dissenting producers had locked the office premises and handed over the keys to the Police yesterday. When Vishal attempted to break the lock and enter by force, he was held back by the Police. Reports have it that Vishal had a heated argument with the Police officials following which he was reportedly arrested.


Early reports say that Vishal has not been taken to the Police Station.

A spokesperson for the actor told Silverscreen that the situation had quickly escalated and that Vishal and his team will take every measure possible to make the situation better. He did not confirm the arrest but did say that Vishal was being held by the Police in T Nagar, Chennai.

However, Vishal Tweeted:

Meanwhile, a group of producers led by SVe Sekhar have decided to meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy today to talk to him about the current scenario in the producers council. It is unlikely that this meeting will make a difference as Minister Kadambur Raja has said that the State Government will not intervene in the situation.

Vishal has been criticised by a group of producers who allege financial irregularities have become commonplace once the actor took over as President. They have a list of sixteen questions which they would like Vishal to answer. To ensure this, they say that they have locked both the offices of the TFPC.

The dissenting producers are also of the opinion that Vishal must resign immediately and call for a fresh round of elections as they no longer have faith in his leadership. They allege that the money in the TFPC account is missing and that Vishal has not made good on several promises he made during the election.