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Transgender Community to Lodge Complaint Against I

The transgender community in Chennai will be lodging a complaint against Shankar’s I. A few transgender representatives have been quoted telling The Times of India that they are offended by the way they are portrayed in the movie.

Popular transgender activist, Rose Venkatesan said that the complaint will be filed today, and that they plan to stage a protest. Rose added that the derogatory scenes have to be removed from the film.


Sasha Reddy, a designer and an LGBT activist, told TOI that “transgenders are being projected as sex freaks in I.” The activists in the city will also conduct a meeting to brainstorm ways to document their displeasure.

Ojas Rajani, a make-up artiste who played the transgender in I, voiced her trust in director Shankar. While she clarified that she hadn’t watched the film yet, Ojas added that she acted the way Shankar had wanted her to. “I don’t think Shankar would have done anything to hurt the sentiments of the transgender community.”

Since its release, several critics have termed the scenes (involving Ojas Rajani) ‘distasteful’.