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Vijay Wants India To Be A Welfare State First, Super-Power Later

Vijay, Welfare, Farmer

Vijay believes India needs to protect its farmers and vulnerable population first, before it seeks super-power status in the world. In a speech, he said that while most Indians are happy, the people who feed them – farmers – aren’t. And it is the duty of the state to ensure their welfare. 

Vijay recently won a People’s Choice award run by a web portal, which also declared him ‘Samrat of South Indian Box Office‘. Speaking at the event, Vijay said he is touched by the support of his fans, and is happy that his hard work, and the others’ hard work have been recognised. However, he said that the hard work put in by farmers has not received the recognition it deserves. 


In his acceptance speech, Vijay commented on the state of the farmers – especially those hit by drought in states like Tamil Nadu. He said that we need to find a solution for their problems, and find it quickly. He played upon Tamil words அவசியமாக and அவசரமாக – essential, and urgent, and said whatever solution we find must be timely. 

Vijay ended his speech saying that while India is seeking super-power status in the world arena, it first needs to become a welfare state. Again, he played on Tamil words – நல்லரசு and வல்லரசு – to drive home his point.