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Vikram Prabhu: I Became A Producer To Handle Things The Way I Want

Actor Vikram Prabhu became a producer so that he could get more control over the filmmaking process. The actor told  TOI:

“I learnt a lot from my last few films. When I understood what went wrong with them, I could see the mistakes. Things went wrong in the filmmaking process and I can’t have control over them if I’m not the producer,” he clears the air.


Neruppuda marks his debut film as producer and this has allowed him to ‘handle’ things the way he has always wanted to.  “I would have full control over my project and handle things the way I want,” he added.

Vikram Prabhu’s next is SR Prabhakaran’s Sathriyan. The film is set to release on June 9. The actor plays the male lead in this film, opposite Manjima Mohan. 

“It’s a very realistic film. It’s based on the lives of real gangsters in Trichy, and Prabhakaran has treated everything with realism. I was amazed by his research,” Vikram said.