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Vinoth Kishan in Andhaghaaram

After a critically acclaimed performance in Vidiyum Munn, actor Vinoth Kishan is back  in a lead role with Andhagaaram. His earlier roles as the quintessential bad guy in films like Nandha or Naan Mahaan Alla  familiarized him to the audience. But then came Vidiyum Munn, in which he played an important role with negative traits. Encouraged by the reception to his performance in the film, Vinoth Kishan now seems determined to take baby steps in Tamil cinema to establish himself as a versatile actor.


The first look teaser of Vinoth’s upcoming film Andhaghaaram was released recently and shared widely on social networking sites. Going by the teaser, Vinoth seems to be playing the role of a visually impaired person. “The director and I watched a lot of videos and went through many references to help me slip into the role effortlessly. Andhaghaaram team was small and all of us shared our work to bring out the final product,” said Vinoth speaking to us on Sunday. Andhaghaaram is written and directed by Vignarajan. Pradeep Kumar has composed the music and the flick is produced by Poorna Chandra of O2 Pictures and Harmon Moviemakes Private Limited.

After Andhaghaaram, which is looking at an October release, Vinoth will be seen in a film called Papparapaam. “Even in that, my character is interesting and offbeat. I have been receiving many offers. But I’m being finicky and want to choose the ones that would let me rediscover myself as a fine actor. After all, there is no hurry,” laughs Vinoth.

Image courtesy: Vinoth Kishan’s Facebook Page