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Vishal to Lodge a Complaint Against KN Kalai


Radha Ravi, General Secretary of Nadigar Sangam, and KN Kalai, Vice President, spoke at a gathering in Trichy recently. KN Kalai utilized the opportunity to talk about the upcoming union elections and the on-going issue of constructing a building for Nadigar Sangam. The General Secretary heaped praises on Sarath Kumar, the current president, and called all those who oppose him ‘dogs’.

KN Kalai further added that actors are of two groups in Tamil cinema. He said, one half belong to ‘theatre’ and the other to ‘cinema’ and declared that the actors in the theatre sect are better people.

Irked by the comment made by KN Kalai on the building-controversy, Vishal has decided to lodge a complaint against him at Nadigar Sangam, under by-law 13 that restricts members from bad-mouthing.

Source: Deccan Chronicle