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25 Thoughts I Had While Watching Moone Moonu Varthai

  1. Moone Moonu Varthai starts off with some good old Bhagyaraj humour. It also has a sneaky comment about a recent release which is a copy of a Bhagyaraj film. Ok, now they have my attention.
  2. This Arjun Chidambaram is high on energy. Also sounds a little like Siddharth.
  3. Arjun wakes up late. Arjun is annoying. His grandmother loves him. Basically, Arjun is a spoiled brat.
  4. Arjun meets Karna. We meet Karna. Oh! Why is Karna making weird faces?
  5. Arjun hosts a party. There’s booze, there’s a CSK match, some maama mami jokes and annoyed neighbours.
  6. SPB is unhappy with Arjun. Lakshmi is unhappy with SPB. They fight, they’re loud. My head begins to pound.
  7. Is it just me or are these dialogues very long?
  8. Arjun meets Karna again. He offers his friend some beer. Friend doesn’t want one. That’s when they start re-instating the title. “Moone Moonu Varthai la sollu yen beer vendam?”
  9. How does Arjun meet his love interest? In the midst of an earthquake, of course.
  10. Arjun begins doing Arjun things again. Some more waking up late, some more excuses and a lot more irresponsibility.
  11. But hey! He’s the hero. So at some point, he has to get responsible. Teary-eyed grandparents leave to the USA and leave him homeless and penniless.
  12. Arjun does what he knows best. He meets Karna.  Karna is like Donald Duck on drugs. Too many animated reactions. Not able to handle.
  13. Karna loses his job. They go to the bar. They run into SP Charan. Oh, that was all? Will Charan come back?
  14. These boys have an idea. They want to start a bad news delivery agency. Yes! You read that right.
  15. Anything you have to say but cannot bring yourself to say? Pay them and they will say it for you.
  16. Arjun meets Anjali again. Only this time, they are in love. How did that happen? And when?
  17. SPB and Lakshmi look cute together. But they’re too melodramatic.
  18. Ok, what is with this background score? It’s very …leading. Sometimes, even before the lead couple could get romantic, BGM begins. Sort of like a cue.
  19. Hey, we see MS Bhaskar.
  20. MS Bhaskar falls out of love with his wife Aarthi (Ramani Kutty in the film). Dead wife, to be precise.
  21. “Ramani kutty-a illa chatti-a?” Karna wonders. There it is, the fat joke.
  22. Robo Shankar is a rowdy. If you don’t believe me, look at his necklace.
  23. This guy is really inconsistent. Also, confused. We have some intended comedy (that falls flat) and unintended jokes that are actually funny. Along with lines from Guna and Nayagan, and a little from every other genre (they even have a few close-up shots of Robert master).
  24. Arjun Chidambaram makes up for it, though. He can dance, romance, joke and cry, and has all the qualities of a good mainstream actor.
  25. But still, that’s no headache cure.


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