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En Aaloda Seruppa Kanom Review: A Couple, A Missing Shoe & A Lost Cause

En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom Movie Actress Anandhi Stills

En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom could have well been a quirky take on Cinderella with some actual thought. But it doesn’t really exhibit any – neither in the beginning, nor at the end – and rapidly becomes a lost exercise in filmmaking.


There is a woman, several men – correction, boys – and a lost shoe that sends everyone on a wild goose chase. Sandhya’s (Anandhi) shoe goes missing, as does her father. A sorceress tells her that the incidents are linked; find the shoe that your father bought you, she says, and you will find him. Her father, incidentally, is held in Syria by terrorists. Thus begins a much contrived comedy of errors involving the lost slipper.

Anandhi’s hopefuls (or stalkers) try to find them for her; one of them especially – the hero of our tale (Tamizh as Krishna) – moves mountains and seas. He jumps off a moving bus, bribes everyone in sight, does everything in his power to track the shoe which eludes him as only shoes can. Betwixt all the sole-searching, there’s comedy courtesy Yogi Babu – the funniest of which involves a quack who is called a ‘medical miracle’ – and romantic tunes that need to exist but nobody knows why.


Finally, as shoe and owner are reunited, thanks to the hero, there’s a song. There’s Anandhi, amidst rose petals and the works, and there’s the shoe. Anandhi sings to it, shoe is inanimate. But it’s a duet, nevertheless, and they’re in bed.


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