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Puriyatha Anantham Puthithaga Aarambam Review: No Fun, This

Puriyatha Anantham Puthithaga Aarambam starts off in a tiny village. Where everyone knows everyone.  There is innocence all around.  One those solid, old-fashioned villages that exist only in movies.


And then the setting moves to Madurai, signaling a loss of innocence in more than one way.

This is supposed to be this pure coming of age tale, but it ends up a ribald, regressive mess with nothing innocent about it.  Making you wish it hadn’t left the tiny town in the first place.


Krish plays Bharathi, a shy man in love with Nila (Srushti Dange). The characters are as naïve as school kids, and the director tells us all in a voice over that this type of pure love should live on forever.  The kind where Bharathi wakes up early and rushes to the bus stop to see Nila, and they exchange glances, then exchange more glances.

The kind of love that causes Bharathi’s friend, tired of all this coyness, to accuse Nila of not doing anything to take the relationship forward.

That kind of love.


The writing is offensive and crass, making jokes about overweight women, old women, young women, dark women, Tamil women and all other women in general.  From “Namma oorla apple colour ponunga poitange, halwa colour ponunga mattum dhan irukanga,” to theorising about the type of men a woman likes (Like them if they take her to Inox and dump them if they take her to Aravind. What about Sathyam then?).

Also, only sluts carry condoms in their bags. Obviously.


But thankfully, Nila manages to stay away from all this. She is the ultimate Kudumba Ponnu. Except in songs, where she has no qualms dancing around in a sexy wet dress.

She is so innocent that she wonders aloud about how all the poor women are blessed with many children but her well to do sister has none. Not to be left behind, Krish patiently stands beside his friend as he makes statements like “Aanavathula aadrengale  di, unga azhagu ellam oru kutty podura varaikum dhan” (You women have so much ego now. But your beauty lasts only till you give birth to a child).

The basic message that we could glean from the movie – all good movies have messages – is that all women are gold diggers who have their hearts firmly placed on their hips. All women except Nila, that is.


The performances, the cinematography and the music complement the bad writing perfectly.  Debutant Krish renders an off-key performance in the lead role and Srushti Dange tries to smile her way through everything.  The songs are poorly choreographed (a throwback to the Ramarajan era), but they still provide respite from the rest of the movie.

A shaky camera, scenes that seem to get their exposure levels wrong or are just plainly out of focus,  and abrupt sound bridges that make no sense round off the technical aspects of the movie.



After a point you don’t know what’s more disturbing, the offensive writing or people in the theatre who laugh at these jokes. If you are one of these people, give this film a shot. For the rest, may we suggest watching – in repeat – the song from which the title is sourced?


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