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Allu Arvind Launches Poster Of ‘Johaar’; Film To Stream On 14 August On aha

aha, an exlcusive Telugu streaming platform, recently released two well-received Telugu films Bhanumati & Ramakrishna and Krishna And His Leela. The platform is now all set to launch another film next month. Touted as a political thriller, the film titled Johaar has been directed by debutant Teja Mami.

The announcement was made by producer Allu Arvind along with the director and producer of Johaar, where he unveiled the poster of the film.

Speaking about the film, Allu Arvind said, “I am very happy to be launching the poster of Johaar and introducing more new talent to Telugu cinema. The film is a well-made political drama and is high on emotions with engaging visuals. I am sure everyone will love it.”

The poster features a tableau of characters around a sandal-clad giant foot. The foot is clad in the typical strapped sandal that is associated with the shirt and veshti wearing politicians of South India. Johaar stars Ankith Koyya, Esther Anil, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Naina Ganguly, Easwari Rao, Rohini and others.