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Stay Close: Netflix Announces Cast of Upcoming Series Based on Harlan Coben’s Novel

Netflix announced on Wednesday the cast of its upcoming project Stay Close, an adaptation of Harlan Coben‘s book by the same name.


Actors Eddie Izzard, Jo Joyner, Daniel Francis, Andi Osho and Bethany Antonia are set to join Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Richard Armitage and Sarah Parish for the eight-part series.

It will be created by Coben, who will be writing it with Danny Brocklehurst and Richard Fee, while Nicola Shindler will be the show’s executive producer.

While Izzard will play Harry, a lawyer, Joyner will be seen as Erin Cartright. Francis and Antonia will play on-screen father and daughter, Dave and Kayleigh Shaw, and Rachel Andrews will be seen as Kayleigh’s best friend Bea. Osho has been cast as Simona, a retired sergeant.

The story, based on the New York Times best-selling novel, revolves around three people living comfortable lives but each concealing dark secrets from those closest to them. As per Netflix’s synopsis, Megan (Jumbo), a working mother of three, Ray (Armitage), the once promising documentary photographer, now stuck in a dead-end job pandering to celebrity-obsessed rich kids, and Broome (Nesbitt), a detective, are unable to let go of a missing person’s cold case. Lorraine (Parish), a friend from Megan’s past, delivers some shocking news which will impact all three characters.  As the past returns to haunt them, threatening to ruin their lives and the lives of those around them, the mystery series will deal with their next move, according to Netflix.

According to a statement, Stay Close is the latest Netflix project for the American author, as part of his five-year deal with the streaming giant to develop 14 of his titles into film and television dramas. While his 2015 novel The Stranger has been adapted into a miniseries by Netflix, others in the pipeline include Polish original The Woods, Spanish original The Innocent (starring Mario Casas and directed by Oriol Paulo), the film Six Years (written and directed by David Ayer), and Gone for Good (which is currently filming in France).


Coben along with Shindler, Brocklehurst, and Fee will be collaborating with Netflix for the fourth time after delivering hits like Safe, and The Five, and The Stranger.

Juliet Charlesworth is the series producer and Daniel O’Hara is the lead director and executive producer. Sheila Nortley will be the producer with Lindy Heymann as director for block two.

Bankrolled by the RED Production Company, the series will begin production in spring, and will be shot across Manchester and North West of England.