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Raghava Lawrence To Revive Muni Franchise, Confirms Fourth Film


Raghava Lawrence has begun work on his next. The actor will dust off his Muni franchise, and make a fourth film.

“We are working on the script of Muni 4 — Kanchana 3, which will go on floors next month. Since the name ‘Kanchana’ has been our lucky charm, we are retaining the name alongside Muni,” he said.

Actors Kovai Sarala, Devadarshini, Manobala, Sreeman have been retained for the project.

 “I am retaining those who are relevant like Kovai Sarala madam who played my mother, Deva-darshini, Manobala, Sreeman, etc. in the fourth part as well. I am working on the flashback portions, which are very crucial, and takes forward the story. Once it is complete, I will get an idea of whom to feature in the vital character,” he added.

The lead role in this film might not necessarily go to a male lead. “It may not be a hero, and I am considering a lead female star. But, I can’t reveal the name at this point of time. Just like Kanchana championed for the cause of transgender persons, here I have taken a different social issue in my hands.”

Lawrence was to work on a project with SS Rajamouli’s assistant, but the film is still in pre-production. The actor is confident that he’d finish work on the new Muni film by the time the graphic work on the other project is done.

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