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Halal Love Story Trailer Promises a Fun Ride Full of Laughter


The trailer of Halal Love Story is out and it takes us on a journey of a group of cinema lovers trying to make their own ‘halal’ film. Directed by Zakariya Mohammed, who rose to fame with Sudani From Nigeria, the film stars Indrajith Sukumaran, Joju George, Sharaf U Dheen, Grace Antony, Parvathy Thiruvothu, and Soubin Shahir in lead roles.

The film is about a group of religious men sick of films with ‘haram’ content. They decide to come together to try and make a 100% ‘halal’ film which will stick to all the disciplines of their faith.

“For me, Halal Love Story is a funny, yet beautiful, commemoration of the art of storytelling in all its forms. I am grateful to my co-writers Muhsin Parari and Ashif Kakkodi, who made this chaotic comedy possible alongside me. With a unique perspective brought to life by our strong ensemble, I am confident that the viewers will enjoy this chronicle that tries to manifest that cinema is for everyone,” Zakariya Mohammed said in a statement.

Joju George, who plays the director in the movie, said: “It is always fun to be a part of comedy films, especially one that is engulfed in errors. What was most appealing to me is the opposing views that my character Siraj offers whilst taking on the challenge of directing this Halal film. As my character struggles at every phase, it’s the brilliance of the writers who envisioned the comedic charm in the film. It was indeed a wonderful experience to work alongside such an incredible cast and crew.”

“The character Shereef is quite layered. He wants to conquer his passion for acting, but at the same time wants to do right by following his beliefs. The movie impacts him in more ways than the other and in the due process completely changes his outlook towards his personal life. Playing a humorous and a complicated Shereef was a phenomenal experience and I will forever be thankful to Zakariya and Aashiq Abu for giving me this opportunity,” Indrajith Sukumaran said.

Produced under the banner of Papaya Films, the film will release on Amazon Prime Video on October 15 across 200 countries.

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