Biju Menon Interview: “It Was Only Recently that I Started Taking My Work Seriously”

Aarkkariyam comes close on the heels of another riveting work, Ayyappanum Koshiyum (2020), directed by the late director and his close friend Sachy, a drama centred on a clash of machismo. “It was only recently that I started taking my craft seriously,” says Menon. “When I realised the audience liked seeing me on screen and were paying close attention to my performances, I had to rise to their expectations.

Aarkkariyaam Review: Despite Excellent Actors, the Film is Consumed by Its Tendency to Self-Reflect

The opening sequence of Aarkkariyaam (Who knows! ) moves between this grim scene of home-leaving and warmer vignettes of a patriarch preparing to welcome the couple into his lonely yet strangely content existence in an old house with a sprawling green backyard.Sanu has the methodical approach of a film school student, staying away from mainstream tendencies, even in places that call for dramatic intervention of camera and sound.