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Kangana Ranaut Stopped by Protesting Farmers Demanding Apology for Her Remarks

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Actor Kangana Ranaut’s car was stopped in Kiratpur Sahib in Punjab on Friday by protesters demanding an apology for her statements against the farmers who had been protesting over the three Farm Bills that were repealed recently.

Over the past year, Ranaut has taken to social media expressing her support for the three Farm Bills that were passed by the central government during the monsoon session 2020. Throughout this time, the actor also called the farmers protesting against the Bills, “terrorists“, “Khalistanis” and “anti-social elements.”


The actor has been facing several FIRs and cases filed by various advocates and organisations, including the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC), for the same.

Ranaut was also permanently suspended from Twitter in May for her constant hateful tweets on several issues.

When entering Punjab on her way from Himachal on Friday, she was stopped by protesting farmers, who were waving flags and shouting slogans, the actor claimed in an Instagram story (expires in 24 hours).

“As I entered Punjab, a mob attacked my car. They are saying they are farmers. Shocking behaviour by some antisocial elements,” she wrote.

Ranaut further claimed that she was abused, given death threats, and termed it a “mob lynching.”

She added that despite having security, her car was not allowed to move. “If there was no police here, open lynching would have taken place. Shame on these people,” she said.

In a subsequent Instagram story, one of the women protesting was seen telling Ranaut that she “should not be saying things like that [referring to her comments on women farmers].”

In response, Ranaut was heard replying that most of the things she said were about the women of Shaheen Bagh, who were protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act last year.


After talking to the women, Ranaut was able to leave the area.

Later, she wrote, “No one asked me for an apology and I never apologised. Why should I apologise, for what? For genuine love and concern for the people of Punjab? No, I will never do that… entire conversation with the women in the mob is in my story and even on all media platforms. Don’t spread rumours, please. I always supported farmers and that’s why I spoke in favour of farmers bill and I will continue to do so.”