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Sonam Kapoor’s Husband Anand Ahuja Terms Tax Evasion Allegations by Shipping Company “Baseless Slander”

Anand Ahuja, husband of actor Sonam Kapoor, took to Twitter on Saturday and termed the allegations of tax evasion levelled against him by an international shipping company “baseless slandering.” The shipping company, MyUS, had alleged on Twitter that Ahuja had doctored invoices in order to avoid paying taxes and customs duties.


In January, Ahuja had put up a post on the social media platform complaining about his bad customer experience with the online company, which allows customers to buy goods from US stores and ship them to India in bulk. “Does anyone know someone at MyUS – I have had a horrible experience recently. They are holding items improperly, rejecting formal paperwork, and refusing to acknowledge any reasoning.”

While the company initially responded to this by asking him to contact their customer service via email or chat, they later defended themselves by stating that the issue was not one of customer service quality but had to do with Ahuja’s doctoring of the invoices for the items in question.

“This is not a matter of customer service quality, new policies, or holding items improperly as was tweeted. Mr Ahuja misrepresented the price he paid for sneakers purchased on eBay which would result in him paying less duties and taxes,” they wrote.

Alleging that the doctored invoices listed prices that were up to 90% lower than what he had paid for the goods, the company added, “Put very simply, we have a legal obligation to provide accurate information when sending international shipments. Both MyUS and Mr Ahuja are subject to international export rules, and we intend to follow them.”


Kapoor too had taken to Twitter and shared her husband’s claims in January, adding, “Terrible customer service is shameful.” The company responded to her tweet as well, saying, “Unfortunately, this is not a customer service issue as Mr Ahuja attempted to use doctored invoices on international shipments, which we were not able to allow.”

Ahuja has now denied this accusation. He has countered that the shipping company refused to validate his receipts and bank statements in a bid to overcharge him and earn late fees.

“You should watch your baseless slandering – you were the ones that refused to validate PDF receipts and bank statements just so you could overcharge me and hold my goods longer to earn late fees,” his tweet on Saturday read.

In a follow-up tweet, he added that he had moved all his items and closed his account.