Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Movie Review – Times of India


Kathirvelan is your average boy next door, with a loving family. He is a Hanuman devotee who doesn’t want to be interested in girls. He goes to Coimbatore to patch up his sister with her husband (she has eloped top marry the guy but has returned after a minor tussle) and there, he meets Pavithra, the girl living opposite his brother-in-law’s house. He, not surprisingly, falls in love with her and with the help of his friend Mayilvaganan tries to woo her. But she thinks she loves Gautham, her friend who is actually a rogue. There is also an enmity between her dad and Kathir’s brother-in-law. And, then, there is Kathir’s dad, who, already betrayed by his daughter, expects his son to stay true to him.