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Zayn Malik Records His First Hindi Song For A Bollywood Film; Jallikattu Movie Team To Unveil Song At Harvard On February 11


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What’s in the news

The Jallikattu team will unveil its second sound track at the Harvard University on February 11. The song is titled Nee Than Tamilan (You are Tamilan) and has been composed by Ramesh Vinayakam.

This film focuses on the Marina Jallikattu uprising that took place in Chennai last year. It is directed by Santhosh Gopal and produced by Nirupama Ahimsa Productions.

What’s trending

British pop star Zayn Malik has reportedly recorded a Hindi song for a Bollywood film. In an interview with Elle India, Malik talked about his first Hindi song, working with AR Rahman and why he likes Devdas.

“Bollywood is so impeccable. If you ever get a chance to watch a good Bollywood movie, watch Devdas! Have you seen Devdas? It’s got Shah Rukh Khan in it,”, he is quoted as saying.


Marvel Studios is celebrating its 10 years. Here’s a video:

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