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First Leg: Darling Press Meet Report


darling-press-meet-photos-026GV Prakash is usually withdrawn and gloomy at events. He would shake hands, exchange a few words and slip away. We haven’t seen him smile much either.

But at the press meet of Darling, he seemed thrilled. He was so excited that his happiness wasn’t marred by his unkempt beard. GV Prakash seemed to have been looking forward to attending the press meet of Darling for a long time. After all, he debuts as an actor in it, and the film releases on Pongal.

As he walked in, the Darling team cheered him, “Hero sir vanthaachu!”

GV Prakash blushed a little, and dashed up to the stage.


Na Muthukumar is one of GV Prakash’s favourite lyricists. “Darling is my 40th film with GV,” said Muthukumar. Over the last nine years, their rapport has grown so well, that these days, GV Prakash sends his freshly-composed tunes to Muthukumar on WhatsApp, and the latter replies with suitable lyrics.

While Muthukumar generously appreciated GV Prakash for managing both acting and composing, cinematographer Krishna Vasant concluded his short speech with a punchline. “Padam jolly-ya pannom, ragalaiya vandhurukku.”

Also, debutant director Sam Anton was glad that ‘Ghost’ Gopal Varma (Naan Kadavul Rajendran) has become more popular since the trailer’s launch. He was also quick to clarify that the character’s name was not inspired by Ram Gopal Varma. We could see him sigh, and wipe his forehead after the clarification.


GV Prakash then became a little nostalgic. The audio of his first film Veyil was launched at Prasad Lab too. “And now, I am standing as an actor here, talking about my debut.”

Producer Gnanavel Raja had bumped into GV Prakash at a gym last year. “Rayappas Hotel-la saaptu keezha gym pakkam vandhaaru. He was surprised to see my look. I was growing a beard. Chumma!” he recalled. A few hours after they met, Gnanavel Raja realised that he had found the hero of Darling. He phoned GV Prakash, who readily agreed as his film Pencil was temporarily shelved.

Darling was completed in 33 days.


The last question that GV Prakash batted at the press meet was amusing – to him, and to the audience as well. A curious scribe wanted to know what his wife, singer Saindhavi thought of GV Prakash’s decision to become an actor.

Avanga kadupaayitaanga!” GV Prakash revealed, “Dai ennada panra-nu ketaanga. Now after watching the rushes, she is happy with my decision.”


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