Kappal Press Meet : Samosas, Cassattas And Love Letters

Silverscreen goes to the Kappal Press Meet.


Vijay, Vikram and AR Rahman might have launched the music of Kappal, but this Saturday we found out that that the most interesting thing about this project was its producers – all 8 of them. Calling themselves the ‘Samosa producers’ – they decided to produce Kappal while eating Samosas over a conference table – and full of gushing praise for Shankar, the lot of them managed to infuse some fun into the staid corridors of the RKV Studios.

Mike Dolphin, one of the producers, proceeded to tell us exactly how he felt when Shankar agreed to distribute the film. “Love letter kudutha udane ponnu ok sonna maadhiri irundhudhu..” he said, grinning cheekily.

Madhan Karky has penned Kadhal Cassatta and Oru Cup Acid in the film. “One’s about how sweet love is and the other is an angst filled number. It was a challenge to write two such contrasting songs.” Of the two though, it was Kadhal Cassatta that had an adverse effect on his life, joked Karky. ” The song is about the sweetness of love. I don’t usually play games on my mobile but for my research for this song, I installed the candy crush game and played it for a while. It turned out to be addictive. Also, I managed to cram in a lot of sweet and chocolate names in this song. It is safe to say that my sugar level rocketed while writing this!” he said.


Interestingly, director Karthik G Krish has also made his song writing debut, courtesy Kappal. He has written Kaali Pasanga, which features the vocals of music composer Santhosh Narayanan. When the song was shown to Kappal’s music director Natarajan Sankaran, he apparently immediately thought of Santhosh. Says Natarajan, “Santhosh took one look at it, laughed a little and agreed to sing! It was one of the best moments. Of course, the album’s rise to the top of the iTunes is great as well!” he declared, with a beaming smile.

The film hits the screens this Christmas. The producers want everybody to see it only in theatres. Because, samosas don’t come free.