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Fear Factor: The Aranmanai Press Meet Report


aranmanai-movie-press-meet-lq-043Silverscreen attends the Aranmanai press meet..

The usually staid Prasad Lab glittered during the press meet of Aranmanai. All thanks to the radiance of the well-dressed actresses – Hansika, Raai Laxmi and Andrea. While Hansika sported an ensemble designed by Rohit Verma, Raai Laxmi’s east-meets-west skirt garnered a lot of attention as well. Andrea kept it minimalist with a simple pink dress. All three girls joined director Sundar C, who was casually chatting with his journalist-friends at the event.

Quite surprisingly, the press meet almost began on time.

Right from the supporting cast to the actresses, everyone was quite unanimous about one thing: that they definitely missed the sets of Aranmanai. Andrea and Raai Laxmi revealed that they would cherish the memories of shoot, while actor Mano jested that Raai Laxmi has bought a car with all the money that she won by playing cards on the sets. Actor Vinay Rai, who spoke Tamil with a hint of Kannada, talked about a huge challenge that he had overcome during the shoot. “Although it’s a pei padam, I was more scared of cinematographer UK Senthil Kumar’s trousers. The man always wore yellow and all bright colours. Merandutom naanga!” he laughed. UK Senthil Kumar was indeed seen wearing a yellow trouser that day as well.

Hansika, on the other hand, seemed to have developed a taste for one-liners. She said, “I’m not going to talk, for my film will talk volumes for me.”

AranmanaiSundar C also harbours a strange sentiment. He is not a fan of grand events. Especially, audio launches. “Most of the time, those who speak at audio launches, don’t know anything about the film. They turn around, read the posters to know the names of the actors and technicians and manage to speak a few lines. I don’t like that. My intention is to take the film to the audience, and for that, I will just meet the press,” declared Sundar.

Though supernatural thrillers are trending these days, Sundar declared that it wasn’t the sole reason why he chose to make Aranmanai. “In 1995, I realised that there was no film with absolute comedy. So I made Ullathai Allitha. After making Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaaru, I felt the need to make a supernatural thriller. After Kanchana, we haven’t had a great one,” he observed. And interestingly, he was also inspired to explore horror because of his family. “Whenever I reach home early, Khushbu and my children make me watch horror movies with them. They are scared, but they still like that thrill. And so Aranmanai was made.”

Despite completing the shooting in January, Aranmanai is scheduled to release only on September 19, as the team had to finish computer graphics. “To Aranmanai, computer graphics is like uppu to sambar. It’s invisible. But, inevitable,” he said.

A massive set was erected in actor Mohan Babu’s land in Hyderabad to shoot Aranmanai. And during the editing of the film, Sundar and editor Srikanth claimed to have heard an eerie sound during a scene. “We didn’t hear that weird scream when we made the film, but we recognised it during editing,” he said.

Sundar doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but confessed, “aana naan thaniya thoonga maaten” all the same.

When the director roped in Hansika, Raai, and Andrea, he was cautioned that he might have to deal with cat-fights. “The girls proved me wrong. There were no issues. We really had so much fun,” said Sundar. And he thanked Hansika for accepting a challenging role in Aranmanai, where she dons a different avatar. “I admire Hansika for acceding to play this role despite being at the peak of her career. She is my lucky mascot.”

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