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The Captain and His Planet: Sagaptham Audio Launch Report


Sagaptham Audio Launch

A long line of luxurious cars snaked down Arcot Road on Saturday. A few volunteers and police personnel frantically worked to avert gridlocks. Flags of different colours were hoisted around The Green Park Hotel, and identical posters of Vijayakanth and his son Shanmuga Pandian covered the walls. In those simple pictures, the father-son duo was clad in similar suits, sported shades, and had their pistols pointed outwards.

Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan might attend the audio launch of Sagaptham – the acting debut of Shanmuga Pandian – we were told. When the event began though, we gathered that they won’t make an appearance after all. However, a major part of Kollywood was present to show their love and support for Vijayakanth’s son (the anchors took about 15 minutes to read out the guest list).

While every guest used the opportunity to extol Vijayakanth’s virtues, Shanmuga Pandian didn’t go near the microphone. But his father more than made up for it. Vijayakanth’s speech was mind-boggling. Even the sharpest listener would have failed to comprehend the actor’s address.

At the event that took place for over four hours, we were taught how modest, caring, and courteous Vijayakanth is. The spotlight was on Vijayakanth, and the father unknowingly stole his son’s thunder.


The stage housed about 40 guests.

Caps galore.

And, the ‘Uyarndha Manidhar‘ jokes ensued.

We saw those bloodshot eyes in the trailer.

We also met Sivakumar after a long time.

Gangai Amaren has a brilliant idea.

The die-hard MGR fan’s advice.

SAC’s confession.

A fancy event, nonetheless.


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