Yaamirukka Bayamey Press Meet

The team of Yaamirukka Bayamey launched their soundtrack in the city today. The music is composed by SN Prasad, a protege of AR Rahman. The horror flick is directed by newbie DeeKay and produced by Elred Kumar’s RS Infotainment Pvt. Ltd. Actor Kreshna plays a beleaguered hotel owner while Makayala fame Rupa Manjari plays his partner. Actress Oviya, Aadhav Kannadasan and Karunakaran essay important roles in the movie.

First time music director SN Prasad was in awe of the proceedings. “This is my first time at an event like this and I am extremely nervous. I cant believe all of you came here to witness my debut. I hope you like it!”

The director came in for a lot of flak from the media for his movie’s done to death premise. He clarified,”This is a pure entertainment movie. I want the audience to go watch this and forget all their worries for three hours. All movies don’t need a message. Some can be just for fun, like Yaamirukka Bayame!”


Actress Rupa Manjari is confident that this movie will give her a new image. “After my popular Makayala song, i felt myself being typecast in certain roles. My role here will bring me new attention and I hope everybody appreciates the movie as much as I do!”

The soundtrack was launched earlier today at a private radio station and has met with lukewarm response so far. The trailer has met with more success and has been watched over 1,00,000 times on YouTube! The makers are planning for an April end release.