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2015: The Best & Worst Of Horror Films

2015 was arguably the year of horror. In some months, there was a horror film every week. And when it wasn’t out-and-out horror, it was a horror-laced thriller, comedy, or a sentimental film. The real question is – were these films spooky enough to scare audiences? And with a few notable exceptions, the answer to that is a resounding ‘No’.


A good horror film (likely to turn into a sleeper hit), must have three essential qualities: (1) scary moments with jolting sound effects; (2) a somewhat logical background story; and (3) continuity and buildup in its eerie sequences. Many directors were bitten by the ‘horror film bug’. Some got it right, while most churned out the worst movies of the year.

And so, without further ado, here’s an overview of this year’s best and worst horror films.


Worst Horror Films:

  1. Aavi Kumar: Aavi Kumar, directed by Kandeepan revolves around a talk show host called Aavi Kumar. The talk show is, oddly enough, a ghost reality show. Aavi Kumar is arrested for a murder. Though he had nothing to do with it. He then falls for a ghost (Abhirami) and helps her discover her identity. The film had a good backstory, but the ‘spooky’ scenes were disappointing. For instance, the ghost’s idea of scaring people is to shout in high decibels. All the time.
  1. Strawberry: This was lyricist Pa Vijhay’s debut directorial. Let’s just say that the most interesting thing about watching Strawberry was the Sathyam theatre popcorn. Child artist Yuvina Parthavi plays a child-ghost, who wants revenge on the people responsible for her death. She died on her birthday, when her school bus had an accident due to the school administration’s negligence. Yuvina uses Pa Vijhay as her medium. The story takes its sweet time to unfold, and by the time we’re into the plot, we’re also out of patience. Plus, it’s hard to imagine Yuvina as a revengeful ghost, and that’s definitely a big disadvantage of Strawberry. This scene is supposed to be simultaneously scary and funny. Unfortunately, it’s neither:


  1. Maiem: Maiem is the brain child of 21-year-old director Aditya Baskaran. His inexperience was evident in the poor writing. The movie is about three characters who are trapped inside an ATM, and afraid to come out because a stern-faced man threatens to kill them if they step out. During the climax, we learn that he’s actually a ghost, protecting them from local robbers.
  1. Om Shanthi Om: Om Shanti Om, by Surya Prabhakar revolves around the hero, Srikanth, who gains the ability to talk to spirits, after an accident. He tries to fulfils their last wishes. A bit Venkat Prabhu’s Masss, the film couldn’t replicate the former’s success, failing miserably at the box-office. In this annoying scene, actor Srikanth is possessed by the spirit of an 8-year-old boy, whose last wish is to eat 2 kilograms of ice-cream.
  1. Kamar Kattu: Directed by Ramki Ramakrishnan, Kamara Kattu is a story of two boys who are murdered by the mother of the girls they love. They return as ghosts to haunt the girls. To prove that their love is true. As if the story wasn’t messed up enough, there are some equally messy horror sequences. Take this scene, for instance, in which the girls are possessed by the spirits:


Best Horror Films:

  1. Maya: Maya was hands-down the best horror film of 2015, with an original story and a fresh screenplay. Directed by debutant Ashwin Saravanan, Maya (Mayuri in Telugu) starred actress (Nayanthara) and had a very successful run in three industries: Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. A high point in the film is sound designer Sachin’s perfect use of silence. The entire movie is filmed in a grey shade, aptly complementing the theme. Even the trailer is a work of art, and makes the viewer want to look over their shoulder. In case someone’s watching.

2. Demonte Colony: ‘Demonte Colony’ in Chennai used to be a deserted place, before the teaser of Demonte Colony was unveiled. Since then, people have been exploring the colony to investigate the truth of the story. Directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu the film has a simple storyline. Four friends visit a haunted house in Demonte Colony and encounter supernatural events. Few Tamil horror films use the Ouija board. Turns out, there are some scary consequences.