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5 Celebrities Who Survived Death By Media

There’s something morbidly fascinating about the way a news article about death attracts attention. More so if it’s a rumour on social media fuelled by a celebrity’s ill health. Our stars may be invincible on screen, but they aren’t really powerful enough to beat the Internet, which has managed to ‘kill’ several high-profile celebrities before their time.
And as with most incidents, these ‘dead’ people manage to pop right back up, often with a cheery word about their health, and in some cases (Manorama is alive and well!), a few upcoming projects.

5 Kollywood actors who have fallen victim to death hoaxes in the recent past:

Rajinikanth: No, even the Superstar couldn’t escape death hoaxes. Rajinikanth was suffering from lung-related problems in mid-2011. A rumour about his supposed death spread on social media like wildfire when he was actually recuperating at home.

The handle #Rajinikanthdeath trended on Twitter for a long time and finally, his wife Latha Rajinikanth and son-in-law Dhanush cleared the air saying that the actor was in good shape.


Kanaka: In 2013, the Internet and the media managed to ‘kill’ Karagattakaran actress Kanaka. Rumors were rife that the actress passed away due to cancer. A flood of ‘Rest in Peace, Kanaka’ messages were posted on Facebook and Twitter while the actress was actually hale and healthy.

Later, Kanaka held a press conference to announce that she wasn’t …’dead’.

K. Balachander: The legendary director, in December 2014, was admitted to a private hospital due to age-related ailments when rumour of his death spread on social media.

Director Ram Gopal Varma, without checking the authenticity of the news, tweeted about the demise of KB eight days before he actually breathed his last. Although RGV deleted his tweet immediately after he realized the blunder, it had gained attention by then.

MS Bhaskar: A baseless rumor about actor MS Bhaskar’s demise was making headlines in 2014. The actor, though, was alive and well, and revealed that he had been getting numerous calls enquiring about his health. He requested his fans not to spread such false news.

Manorama: Actress Manorama is the latest victim of death hoax. The veteran actress has been suffering from a spate of illnesses for a while.
However, the actress rubbished the news in an interview to The Hindu, and stated that she is healthy and is busy acting in Perandi and a couple of untitled movies.