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A Bollywood Adventure: The Happy New Year Fashion Show

Shah Rukh Khan and the Happy New Year team were in Chennai on Friday (October 3) to promote their movie at a fashion show organised by Palam Silks. We reached the conference hall at 3.30 pm because the invite suggested that the Happy New Year stars would arrive at 4.30 pm. We waited for about four hours, socialised, listened to gossip, and also to this track  by Punya Srinivas for about 10 times. Some consolation at least.


Just when we continued to hope that the Happy New Year team would appear any minute, this happened, much to our dismay. A fellow journalist said, “I’m waiting for SRK to make a dramatic entry. And everybody is going to settle down!” The first part of his pronouncement came true. We heard an organiser say, “Ladies and gentleman, we are glad to present the Happy New Year team to you!”

Only Shah Rukh Khan appeared.

But the agitated journalists walked out.

As the hall slowly emptied, Shah Rukh Khan leaned on the dais, and downed a cup of green tea (we think). Perhaps he was hoping that the reporters would return too. No sign of them. The press meet was called off. Some were angry. Some were disappointed. Some sulked. Some said, “SRK keeps visiting Chennai, dude. More frequently than some of the Tamil heroines who have moved to Bollywood. We will get to meet him again.” And a few went to the hall where the fashion show was about to begin. We were, of course, a part of that handful too (because, let’s face it, reports like this are fun to write).

Models ambled and flaunted their silk saris.

But we were so sad that none of them smiled. We were told by the host, Bhavna Balakrishnan that the models were trained to look stoic and all that. To us though, it looked like they were angrier than the folks who staged the walk-out. When we found a seat and our shutterbug, a vantage point, the models had cat-walked multiple times and showcased numerous designs. We heaved a sigh of relief, and tried to do our bit by creating a stir on our Twitter account:

The conference hall that was not used. What a waste!

When Shah Rukh Khan made that dramatic entry.

“I love you Sonuuuuu!” a few girls screamed when this happened. We were not surprised. Really.

We hope he meant it.

And, Deepika Padukone wore a beautiful designer sari.

A nice ice-breaker.

Chennai-sentiment and all.

“We want to come too, SRK!” the girls screamed. Again.

Like all eager language learners, Sonu Sood learnt a “bad word.” We still can’t tell you what he said, though.

An Ilaiyaraaja moment, like a breath of fresh air.

We loved his attitude. Because he smiled.

Every lensman’s dream, this picture.

He thought for a while, and suddenly began unbuttoning his shirt. SRK took charge, thankfully.

Vanakkam, nandri and machaans. Did Abhishek Bachchan remind you of this Tamil actress because of his choice of words?

A quintessential caption-contest picture.

Silverscreen’s favourite, this image.

When Shahrukh Khan jested that he wears a sari inside his shirt. All because he is often questioned about his connection with the silk sari store.

PS: We are very proud of Abhishek Bachchan for forgiving an over-enthusiastic fan, who said, “Sir, I loved your performance in 3 Idiots.”

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