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A Car Plays Lead In Screenwriter Sethu’s Directorial Debut

Malayalam screenwriter Sethu is stepping into direction and his first movie will go on the floors by the end of this year. Sethu told Silverscreen that the film will revolve around an 83-model Maruthi car, which he describes as a ‘sexy heroine‘.


The screenwriter, along with his long-time partner Sachi, has penned many a superhit like Chocolate, Seniors and Make-Up Man in the past. Sometime ago, both the partners called it quits and parted ways. Sethu, as an independent scriptwriter, worked behind mass-entertainer movies like Cousins and Mallu Singh, which fared decently at the box-office.

The debut film, according to Sethu, will be not be a masala-entertainer like the movies he has penned so far. The film, he said, will be about a youngster, whose dad owns the credit of bringing the first Maruthi car to the islet where the family lives. The film will explore the hero’s emotional attachment to the car, his romantic relationships etc. “I would call this film a romantic-drama which involves a young hero and three heroines – Two girls and this ‘sexy Maruthi car'”, said Sethu.


This model of Maruthi car holds a special place in the cultural history of Kerala, said Sethu. It was relatively affordable and for the first time, car loans were made available for the prospective buyers, he said. “This car was more than just a vehicle for middle-class Malayalees and it soon became a status symbol in small towns and villages”, he added.

Sethu refused to divulge details regarding the cast of the film, though he said that a ‘leading young star’ will play the hero in the film.

Recently, actor Mammootty had expressed desire to buy the country’s first Maruthi 800, which was found abandoned outside the residence of its owner Harpal Singh, who passed away in 2010.