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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: Funniest Reddit Reactions


Game of Thrones: Season 7 is over, and Reddit had a lot to say about it.

Or, as this user put it:


The season finale left fans with some burning questions – What was Tyrion thinking with his plan to persuade Cersei? (A plan that spectacularly failed on every front.)  

But while we cry about lost dragons and the evil (and brilliantly acted) queen, here’s the best of Reddit humour for some comic relief. 


Everyone knows Jon Snow. But as Ygritte knew, Jon knows nothing. 


Then there was Theon, on redemption arc Take 3. 



TeamLiving cried about the zombie fire-breathing wight dragon. And vehemently wanted to know:


And while a number of reunions were wrapped up this season (with the Arya-Sansa epic reunion/teamwork getting stiff competition from the Brienne-Gregor “our kids have grown up” feel-good scene), there’s one reunion that has been waiting since Season 1:


Now this episode had a number of scenes that were specifically designed to mess with the audience. The biggest one of course was the Jon Snow/Daenrys sequence even as the R + L = J theory was finally confirmed. It began with:

Not all fans were complaining, though: 


But another trick-the-audience scene was when Cersei nodded to the Mountain, and the Mountain didn’t kill Jaime. It seemed incredible that Cersei would have created that little code with the Mountain (though not as incredible as Euron’s fake going-to-chill-while-you-all-fight). 



In any case, at least the final scene taught us one thing:


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